Musical Theater

A musical comedy
(Book and Lyrics by TASHA gordon-Solmon) 

Fountain of You is an irreverent chamber musical that satirizes our preoccupation with youth and beauty, and the patriarchal system underlying it all. When a 30-something actress is aged out of the industry, a visit to an otherworldly spa sends her on a dark and unexpected journey to regain power and exact revenge in a world that refuses to make space for her. By flipping familiar tropes, the show explores contemporary issues from an apologetically feminist point of view, packaged in a wild 90-minute comedy with an upbeat, pop-infused score.

Baba Yaga and the Firebird: 
A musical for family audiences [60’] 
(Book and Lyrics by Anton Dudley) 

A young queen is denied her throne.  A peasant boy searches for a bird of fire to save his mother.  Their destinies collide in the hut of the witch Baba Yaga, who sends them on a wild journey across an enchanted land to find their strength in the power of friendship.  Baba Yaga and The Firebird is an original tale based on Russian folklore, written in a form that blurs the lines between musical theater, story theater and vaudeville.

2020 New Victory Theater Labworks, New 42nd Street Studios NY, featuring Anton Dudley and Faye Chiao.

2019 New Victory Theater Labworks, New 42nd Street Studios NY, featuring Anton Dudley and Faye Chiao.

Musical Theater



Rhyme & Punishment:
A musical comedy in one act  [45’]
(Book and Lyrics by Anton Dudley)  

Three college Juniors fail a poetry class just days before their Spring Semester Abroad. As they scatter across the globe in this one-act musical comedy, the jilted Juniors go on a journey of self-discovery with only a stack of poems as their guide. Through songs modeled after international poetic forms (Haiku, Sonnet, Sapphic verse, etc.), the friends navigate near-death experiences, romantic trysts, foreign sports, and foreign brews, only to find poetic pleasure in what first seems like punishment. 

2017 “As I Am By You” performed in Aria Entertainment’s From Page to Stage Song Writers Showcase, The Other Palace Studio, London, U.K.  
2017 Hatchery Series, Zeider’s American Dream Theater, Virginia Beach, VA  
2016 Next Edition Series, Playwrights Realm, NY, featuring A.J. Shively and Maria-Christina Oliveras, directed by Marlo Hunter.  

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A musical comedy in one act  [15’] 
(Book and Lyrics by Anton Dudley)

"Unflinchingly original, transcending traditional theatrical expectations." 
- The Collegian 

2019 Gund Gallery, Kenyon College, OH

The Clinic [10']
(Book and Lyrics by Anton Dudley) 

commissioned by Prospect Theater 

A young society woman clashes with her mother, when she breaks from expectation to volunteer as a Red Cross nurse in a 1920’s Lower East Side clinic. Her mother rushes downtown to retrieve her daughter, only to be stopped by a woman in disguise and the ghost of a lost love that haunts her. 

2016 Prospect Theater Company’s WORLD VIEWS, The Times Center, NY, featuring Maria-Christina Oliveras