one story

“one story” for soprano, narrator, and chamber ensemble [20'] 
Duration: 30'
Commissioned by The Johns Hopkins University
Premiere Date: November 2007

"one story" is a dramatic chamber work for soprano, narrator, and chamber ensemble, inspired by an article by author Dinaw Mengestu.  Mengestu interviewed refugees with the aim of capturing the harsh experience of war through individual stories.  Coming from a family whose experience was profoundly shaped by the refugee experience, his piece spoke to me strongly.  In interweaving these stories into one, I hoped that presenting one story might point towards and honor the many stories of other refugees, each poignant and significant.

The excerpts below are:
"salva me" [excerpt] (featuring viola, cello, and percussion)
"requiem lullaby" [excerpt] (T
his lullaby is sung by the mother to her lost child, and is based on the dies irae chant)