1. In Reflection

about the performance:
Keesun Kwon, soprano; Mira Park, mezzo-soprano; Seongwon Nam, tenor; Kwangkyu Lee, baritone;
Mary Whitesides, violin; Hwan-Ah Lee, cello; Molly Orlando, piano
Recorded Live: Millenium Stage, Kennedy Center
Washington DC (August 2005)

Program Note:
In Reflection was commissioned as part of the Songs of the Forgotten War, commemorating Korean War Veterans Memorial. Nineteen statues stand at the Korean War Veterans Memorial. A polished surface reflects the statues, producing thirty-eight figures to represent the 38th parallel. In Reflection was written upon considering conceptual implications of this mirrored design, including the nature of various kinds of reflecting we do as individuals and societies. I imagined a tired soldier on patrol, uncertain of what lay beyond the next hill, ruminating about his situation, his encounters, and his role in war. In the piece, players are arranged musically and physically to represent various reflections of one another, with the piano in the center representing the mirror.
The text is by the composer.


What do I see in the mirror,
Is it me or someone else?
What do I do when I see him…